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Ringstead Neighbourhood Plan


Ringstead parish council have been working on the development of a neighbourhood plan since the area was designated in February 2021. The neighbourhood plan will be a document that sets out planning policies for the Parish and these will be used, alongside the local plan, to decide whether planning applications are approved or not. It’s a community document, drafted after consultation with local people who know and love the area.


There will be further consultation, known as the Regulation 14 stage, when the final version is drafted, where during a six-week period formal representations may be made. The draft will then be revised in the light of the representations received, and submitted to the Borough, along with full details of the consultation processes and representations received. The Council will then undertake further consultation, known as the Regulation 16 stage, during which formal representations may be made again, and the Plan and representations will be submitted to an Independent Examiner, who can recommend changes to ensure the neighbourhood plan meets the basic conditions and can go forward to a referendum. After any changes have been made the Plan goes to a local referendum of residents of Ringstead, who have the chance to vote if they wish to approve its adoption. A diagram below shows the process:




Consultation Event

Discussions have taken place around the idea of allocating a small site for affordable housing in Ringstead preferably for around 3-6 dwellings. A drop in event is taking place on Saturday 12th November 10am -12pm at Ringstead Village Hall for anyone who wishes to come down and share their views or ideas on the neighbourhood plan development so far including Local Green Spaces, Important Local Views and Non- Designated Heritage Assets and the site options.

A leaflet is being distributed around the village to share information on details gathered so far. The leaflet can also be viewed below:


There is also a short survey relating to the neighbourhood plan available in the link below for people to share their views on the assessments and ideas so far. The survey has seven questions and will be available until Monday 21st November 5pm for people to share their responses.

Link to the NP survey-


QR Code for the survey





Progress has been made gathering evidence and putting together key supporting assessments for the development of the neighbourhood plan. These include:

Important Local Views Assessment 2022

Local Green Space Assessment 2022

Non-Designated Heritage Assets Assessment 2022


Ringstead Design Codes and Guidance  2022 (commissioned by AECOM)

Ringstead Housing Needs Assessment 2022 (commissioned by AECOM)

Ringstead Site Assessment 2022

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