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Great Ringstead Allotment Charity

The Charity


Great Ringstead Allotment Charity (number 1103778) owns and derives its income from Ringstead Common and The Chalk Pit in the Downs. The Trustees manage this land and make grants for the general benefit of the inhabitants of Ringstead.

The Chalk Pit

Land containing 12140 square metres or thereabouts and known locally as The Chalk Pit in the Downs.

In 2011 the Charity entered into a five-year lease with Ringstead Parish Council for the management of The Chalk Pit which has been extended until September 2026.

The original lease had an accompanying management plan and it was upon this document that the Parish Council entered into an agreement with the Ringstead Woodland Garden and Walk Group to manage the Chalk Pit. That agreement requires the Group to purchase and hold Public Liability Insurance of £5,000,000. 

aerial view Ringstead
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